Hot Springs School District

Hot Springs School District is located in Garland County in Central Arkansas. The District determined there was a need for some new buildings and upgraded facilities. The District’s goal was to improve several of their facilities, infrastructure, and educational environment in the District. The District had experienced declining enrollment while several surrounding districts had grown.

The Solution

First Security Beardsley worked with the Superintendent and Board to develop a plan to finance the biggest facility project in the District in many years. A plan was developed to refinance existing bonds, extend existing mills, and ask the voters to approve 4.4 new debt mills. This would allow them to construct a new 7-9 Jr High, a new Auditorium, Multi-Purpose Building, and a new K-6 Langstom Elementary and several other smaller projects.

The Difference

First Security Beardsley worked hard to understand the District’s financial position in order to come up with the best solution to finance the desired project list for the smallest number of new mills.